As published on Her Canberra 21/02/2012

I’ll admit I am a little obsessed with eyebrows! I can’t help it. I study them and look at everyone’s I meet as well as those I see on TV or in magazines. It’s just that a little adjustment to the shape can make such a huge difference.

overplucking = bad!

overplucking = bad!

Eyebrows frame the eyes and we always want our eyes to stand out. The right shape is crucial. The wrong shape can age you or make you look angry.

The right eyebrow shape will suit your face perfectly. The wrong eyebrow will stand out.

The most important thing is to have symmetry and the right shape, and then you can decide if you’d like them a little thicker or thinner.

What not to do

First let me show you some of the most common mistakes I see:

Too arched

Too arched

This eyebrow shape is too arched or pointed and can give you a permanent frown. Too pointed brows also create a large puffy eyelid because the tail end is too harsh.

If your brow is too arched you will look older and heavier; but if your brow is a little straighter, you’ll look younger and achieve a much more sophisticated look.

The tadpole

The tadpole

This brow shape is a thick brow and then a thin tail – it’s a very unnatural shape and not at all flattering.

The underside of the brow should be a nice continual line, not a stop and step up.

McDonald's arches

McDonald's arches

This shape creates droopy eyes, as there is too much space created between the lashes and the brow. Very ageing!

Know when to stop

The worst crime is to over pluck. Too thin honestly does not suit anyone and it feels like they take forever to grow back so put the tweezers down!

The perfect brow

The perfect brow!

The perfect brow!

The perfect brow starts at the inner corner of the eye and gradually tapers thinner to the end. The perfect shape will make your eyes look bright and young and your nose straight.

As a makeup artist, you learn little tricks to help balance features. This guideline of where the brow should start and end can be slightly adjusted if needed.

For example, if you have a wide nose and you start your eyebrows to be in line with the edge of your nostrils the gap in between your brows will be too big. So create the illusion of a thinner nose by bringing your brows closer together.

If the gap between your brows is too big your nose looks big. You need to have this gap fairly close together to create the illusion of a sleek refined nose.

Your brow can help balance a crooked nose. Amazing!

The right shape can be created with waxing, tweezing and tinting if needed. If there are gaps missing a little eye shadow using a brush can even it out.

Cosmetic tattooing can give you a no fuss perfect brow every day! Cosmetic tattooing is implanting colour under your skin. I draw the shape on first with a pencil and then use this as a guide.

For the most natural looking brow I use a lighter colour to shade the background area and then a darker colour to do hair like strokes through the brow.

Cosmetic tattooing is great for women of all ages. As we get older our eyebrows and eyelashes naturally thin out and we lose some hairs – ladies experiencing this hair loss often feel naked and insecure until they have “drawn” on their eyebrows.

If this is the case, cosmetic tattooing can be a life changing (or at least face changing!) experience.

Cosmetic tattooing is also great for ladies that suffer from Alopecia, have been through Chemotherapy or are allergy sufferers and sensitive to makeup.

Cosmetic tattooing is also great for athletes, swimmers etc., vision impaired ladies who are unable to apply makeup – not to mention busy mums!

I personally had my eyebrows tattooed because I didn’t have enough hairs to create a nice shape, even with tinting the hairs there were still gaps in my brows. You can see the result at right.

Now I simply tweeze the stray hairs around the tattoo. Other than that I don’t need to touch them. Perfect eyebrows every day!