Stacey Rolfe

Stacey Rolfe, owner and founder of Defining Features has over 10 years experience within the beauty industry. Stacey trained in the ACT as a beauty therapist and has successfully gained international certification. Her wealth of knowledge and strong passion for the industry is evident in the quality of her work, her caring nature and professional services she provides for her clients.

Stacey specializes in Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures. Stacey is very knowledgable in this field and is now the Secretary of the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo. Stacey has always loved doing make up and finds being able to do make up in a more permanent way with Cosmetic Tattooing very rewarding. Stacey loves that Cosmetic Tattooing can really change women's lives and improve their confidence. Her personal experience, having undergone the procedure herself, combined with the quantity of procedures performed, allows Stacey to successfully work with a variety of clients to achieve any desired look. Stacey continually keeps up to date with the latest cosmetic tattoo procedures and techniques.

Stacey offers a complimentary consultation to discuss Cosmetic Tattooing and your desired result.

Stacey has first hand experience with skin problems, having developed chloasma (facial pigmentation) a skin discolouration that left her feeling self conscious and searching for a solution. While searching and testing products, Stacey discovered GlyMed, a product in which she believes in and significantly reduced her Chloasma, and has also had amazing results in clients. GlyMed is stocked at Defining Features and is used to treat clients suffering from a number of skin problems including acne, Rosacea, wrinkles, pigmentation, as well as brightening up a dull skin.

Stacey has delivered life changing results to many clients during her time with in the beauty industry. Her passion, personalised service and the delivery of results highlights Stacey as one of the most professional and qualified beauty therapists in Canberra.