A luxurious organic range that is truly the natural alternative, combines medicinal levels of certified organic plant extracts, with 100% natural ingredients. This affordable salon brand insists on fair trade wherever possible and excludes many ingredients that have set them ahead in the worlds current certification standards. Medicinal grade ingredients, therapeutic Herbal and Plant extracts, cosmeceutical levels of vitamins, and soothing essential oils.

Organic Spa Relaxing and Nourishing Facial

1 hour                                   $80

This facial is the perfect monthly maintenance for vibrant healthy skin.

Organic Spa Multi-detox clay facial

1 hour                                   $80

This facial is designed to purify and provide a detoxifying experience. It aims to calm and rebalance unhealthy skin. The clay mask will draw impurities from the skin while removing dead skin cells and promoting cell detoxification.

Organic Spa Age Vita-renew facial

1 hour                                   $80

This facial is an anti-oxidant boost, giving the skin radiance and plumping up of fine lines. Incorporating medical grade Vitamin C to strengthen and repair the skin cells. The facial will promote healthy skin cell renewal and improve elasticity in the skin’s structure.

Organic Spa AHA rejuvenate peel (13%)

45mins                                  $80

This peel combines natural alpha hydroxyl acids with enzymes from fruit and other botanical sources to refine and rejuvenate the skin. This peel is perfect for people that feel their skin is looking tired and dull.

This peel will not irritate or redden the skin like other AHA peels can.

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