lip tattoo

Stacey performs mainly lip blend tattoos over just a lip line. This looks more natural and enhances the lips.  

A lip blend tattoo is implanting colour over the whole lip, the effect is the look of lipstick.

You can choose whichever colour you like. From a strong colour to a more natural lip colour.

The procedure:

  • the lip area is cleansed and then a topical anaesthetic is applied
  •  then the outline is drawn on with a pencil, this can be done along your actual lip line or adjustments can be made, lips fuller or asymmetries corrected etc.
  • the tattooing is performed with the desired colour
  • more anaesthetic cream is applied as needed
  • when finished ice is applied for swelling

The cost:

$650 - initial visit

$100 - touch up 4-6 weeks later.