chemical peels

Chemical peels are a great treatment for everyone. A general brighten up of the skin. A deep exfoliation can be as strong or as gentle as you’d like.

GlyMed Plus products nurtures the most challenging of skin problems from acne, ageing, pigmentation, rosacea and surgical trauma. Only using medically proven formulas to deeply cleanse, treat, balance, and protect the skin. The high performance of this professional salon and home care products is why it’s recommended by dermatologists and aestheticians.

Chemical peels, retinol, lactic, glycolic, salicylic acid peels, are all formulated with natural buffering and lightening agents to minimise irritation to skin. In addition, natural antioxidants and nutrients are infused to restore and hydrate.

Based on your skin type, condition and goals the therapist will tailor your treatment and homecare products to suit your individual needs.

price of chemical peels:

$80 each 

appointment time is 45mins

By doing a series of chemical peels at 10 - 14 days apart you will get the best results.